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brenda_dylan's Journal

a Brenda/Dylan community
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to brenda_dylan, a community dedicated to the relationship between Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay from the hit tvshow Beverly Hills 90210. In this community you're welcome to post anything connected to the two, whether it'd be icons, fanfiction, fanmixes, pictures, news etc., anything and everything related to or about Brenda/Dylan is allowed and encouraged. So, if you're a fan of the two and their relationship, please join the community and share your thoughts etc about them.

Community Rules
Only Brenda and/or Dylan posts.. However, to post about the actors, Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry, is for now allowed as well.
No bashing of Brenda and/or Dylan. Bashing of any kind is not allowed.
Large images with a width and height over 350 px must be placed under a lj-cut.
Icon posting is highly encouraged but not more then three icons as a preview.
Fanfiction. When posting fanfiction, put the fic behind a cut. Also, before the cut include the fic's title, rating, disclaimer, a short summary what the fic is about and any potential warnings.
Tags. Please tag your posts with appropriate tags.
Be respectful to other members. No bashing of one another is allowed!

If you want to be one, post here.

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